New Year, New Website

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New year, new me is a hashtag that is wildly popular throughout the month of January. We here at Stanton Street think the internet should consider New year, New Website. Despite it only being the second month of the year and most new year resolutions have most likely been tossed out the window, we want to help you make a new resolution. Let’s amp up your web presence. Stanton Street is locally owned and operated and has been around longer than any internet fad. Along with creating the most innovative, creative, and professional websites that El Paso and beyond has to offer, we have a slew of other services that I bet you didn’t know we offered. Check out some of what we can provide below.


Copywriting: content is one of the most important things you’ll put online. We can develop some hard-hitting keywords add a little SEO so your site can rule the world.



Digital-Advertising-1Digital Advertising: We can develop a killer marketing plan and execute it flawlessly. We will work with you to reach your audience and your goals.



E-Commerce-1E-Commerce: From few products to many, we have the capabilities to build a secure database for your clients. We offer secure payment transactions and an easy to use interface to give your clients even more reason to come back.



Social-Media-2Social Media Management: Connecting with your clients can take a lot of work, you’re gonna need more than just opening an account online. Strategy, timing and technique will help you gain the followers and notoriety you desire.


Strategy-Consultations-2Strategy and Consultation: Big brains run in the Stanton Street family  and we are just the people to tackle any online business problems that need to be addressed. We’ll brainstorm and help you figure out the best approach and create a solution.


These services are only the tip of the iceberg, if you would like more information about some of the other awesomeness we can provide you and your clients with give us a call or message us on Facebook. While you’re there make sure you like our page.


Let’s figure it out, together

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Technology terms are always changing, but what about the evergreen terms that you may or may not know? Just in case you were afraid to ask we have you covered, take a scroll down our list and put yourself to the test.

Http vs. Https- what’s the difference?

Http: Hyper text transfer protocol. This prefix is necessary for picture and text to work in your web browser. It is how web browsers and servers communicate.

Https: Hyper text transfer SECURED. This adds an extra padding of security that can hide your personal information and your passwords. Recognizing the https in front of your url is important when purchasing things online, accessing bank information or doing any bill payments online.

URL:Uniform Resource Locators. This is the address of the page you are trying to access like It works with IP addresses to help locate the file on your web browser.

Uploading vs. Downloading- what’s the difference?

Uploading: This is the transmission of a file from one computer to another. A good example of this is every time you post a picture on social media. You are uploading the picture from your device to your desired location.

Downloading: This is also the transmission of a file from one computer to another. In this instance however, you are copying a file to your computer.

SEO:  Search Engine Optimization, ensuring that a website can be found when using a search engine such as Google, it uses phrases and keywords relevant to what the site is offering. So if you write awesome content on your site that uses words and phrases that people would use to search for your product or content online it makes it easier for them to find.

As always remember that Stanton Street has your back and if you would like an in depth consultation of your current webpage or social media give us a call!


Stanton Street Force Awakens with Arrival of New Web Developer

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adrianAdrian began his journey to Stanton Street when he was a mere padawan. At the age of 14 years old, he started his college career obtaining an Associates degree within two years. He then enrolled at UTEP during his senior year in high school. Feeling an awakening in the force, we snagged Adrian as soon as he stepped off the graduation stage with his Computer Science degree still clenched in his hand.

Before coming to Stanton Street, Adrian was a pizza master, a math tutor, and Programmer/Research Assistant at UTEP. As if that wasn’t enough, he also had an internship with the Drug Enforcement Administration giving “overachiever” a whole new meaning.

During his spare time Adrian enjoys hanging with friends, watching soccer and painting his face green and silver on Philadephia Eagles game days. He also meticulously schedules his weekly meals to include the following: at least two servings of hot wings, six legitimate tacos, and one platter of seafood. Other hobbies include playing video games, buying everything Apple, and as you may have guessed – consuming everything Star Wars.


Stanton Street Prescribed New Look for Surecare Specialty Pharmacy

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Surecare Specialty Pharmacy is a one of a kind locally owned pharmacy that provides patients in El Paso, TX and the surrounding area with exceptional care. Their accredited pharmacists and clinical experts have years of experience that provides their clients with medicine and treatments that are tailored to meet their unique needs. They offer only the best in specialty pharmaceuticals, compounding medicine, & retail prescriptions, and they make sure that you have a complete explanation and understanding of the treatments you receive. When Stanton Street decided to compound services with Surecare it was an easy pill to swallow. Stanton Street strapped on their creativity caps and put together a colorful, professional, and informative website that illustrates why the folks at Surecare Specialty Pharmacy are the only professionals to handle your needs.

Stanton Street took the specialty of Surecare Specialty Pharmacy and created a website that depicts just that. After examining the homepage you are curious to find out more about what Surecare has to offer. You are put at ease with all of the helpful information that is included. Surecare is the place to handle all of your specialty needs, compound medications and retail prescriptions, and they make managing that easier than ever. They’re up to date on current technology, giving you the option to download their apps for Android and iOS directly from their homepage. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that they represent most major insurance carriers, provide a very quick turn- around time on prescription filling and even offer free local delivery to their patients.

The navigation tabs on the website are clean and easy to maneuver. You are able to cruise through the website with ease and clarity. There are no lengthy processes to read through or medical jargon to digest and Google later. There is a convenient search bar in the top right of the site that allows you to search the site for keywords and a short video right on the homepage that explains exactly what Surecare Specialty Pharmacy does. The website also has list of frequently asked questions to further clarify the unique world of specialty and compound medicines. Stanton Street and Surecare Specialty Pharmacy have streamlined what could be an arduous task for both patients and providers. The Providers tab allows one to contact a sales representative or download a specific prescription form for one of their clients.

At Surecare Specialty Pharmacy, they understand the complexities of living and dealing with symptoms associated with Hepatitis C, Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and HIV/AIDS. They want to simplify the process for their clients through the website.Patients can gain a basic understanding of the health conditions they might be facing, the medications prescribed, and any potential side effects of their medications. Surecare Specialty Pharmacy provides their clients with several different services that are broken down and easy to digest. You can easily scroll through information about their full retail pharmacy, compounding, treatment plans and even financial assistance. They want their clients to be constantly connected and in the loop, and they make it so reaching a pharmacist has never been easier.

Stanton Street has created a place for Surecare Specialty Pharmacy to make their clients feel like they are in the hands of professionals who handle every prescription with care and accuracy. Whether your medications need a little extra loving or you are just picking up a prescription for the common cold, Surecare Specialty Pharmacy has your back. Filling prescriptions has never been easier, more affordable or comfortable. You can rest assured knowing that you prescriptions are handled by a locally owned and operated group of individuals that have El Paso’s best interest at heart.


Have You Picked Your Major Yet?

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The only thing scarier than going to college is not finding a job after graduation to help you pay off all that studentloan debt. It seems a little insane that your college advisers make you chose the course of your life at 18 years old of course you able to always change your major but not without undoing everything you’ve already done. When faced with the decision I went with my passion and didn’t really delve into the statistics or projections of what careers would be hiring in 4-5 years when I graduated. I’m not saying that you should completely change your desires, passions, or path to fit what the world will need in 4-5 years when you graduate. What I am saying  is to be mindful of the information.  Listed below are the Top 5 degrees, they were narrowed down by as the fields in which employers are hiring.


  • Careers in finance include
  • Financial Analysts
  • Accountants
  • Loan Officers
  • Collectors
  • Buyers


  • Budget Analyst
  • Government Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Tax Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer

Computer Science

  • Software Applications Developer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Programmer

Mechanical Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Contracting Civil Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer

Business Admin/ Management

  • Marketing Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Management Analysis




Times Are A-Changin- Our New Crop of Nerds

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If it’s been a while since you’ve checked in with us, you might have noticed that we have some new people around our office and answering our telephones. While we miss our old employees, we thought we would bring you up to speed on who the new peeps are.

ChrisChris Clapp is our newest web developer. He is a living example of the phrase “I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could!” Chris moved to El Paso 9 years ago this month from the metropolis of Keene, TX, moving here to be closer to his now-wife. He has been developing websites since 1996 and has loved almost every minute of it. He is passionate about his Astros, youth ministry, camping, and Doctor Who.

MasonMason Sales is also a web developer here at Stanton Street. Before coming to us he had already started his own creative agency, worked as a freelance developer/designer and served as a web master for various firms across town. He’s also a founding member of the Texas Trost Society working to preserve various historical buildings in downtown El Paso. Mason can drink his weight in energy drinks, enjoys wearing flip flops with jeans and can code some of the best websites you’ve ever seen.

staff-eileenEileen Lozano is our new office manager and probably a familiar face if your Mac or iPhone was giving you issues. Not familiar yet? Give us a call and maybe you’ll recognize her voice since she’s also a deejay at RiosRadio hosting her very own show! Born and raised in Chucotown, Eileen’s always got the deets on the best local places to eat, hang and well… “where not be seen at.”

We look forward to our clients getting to know our latest additions and appreciating the reasons why they’re part of our kick-ass team!

P.S Are you looking to be apart of our fun and fancy free team here at Stanton Street? You’re in luck because we are looking for a kick-ass web developer that is ready to take the wheel! So if you think you have what it takes, make sure you send us your resume.


A Headline Is Worth A Thousand Clicks

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Social Media Connecting Blog Communication Content Concept

The year is 2015 and every man, woman, child and dog with a laptop, smartphone, and tablet has a blog. I sift through hundreds of blogs daily ranging in subjects. People so often have the same question, how can I make my blog stand out against the backdrop of humdrum bloggyness? The answer may be easier than you thought.

  • HEADLINES,  start with a great headline. You know as well as I do that they can make or break an article. We gravitate towards headlines that catch our attention and leave us hanging. Your headline is just as important as the content of your blog. DO NOT however, compromise the credibility and integrity of your blog by over exaggerating or lying in your headline to get more clicks.
  • Word Count: Living in the information age we are processing so much information daily that we don’t even have the attention span to sit through more than 300-500 words. We often skim reading material in order to find the answers that we are looking for. Keeping your blog posts within that range will avoid clicking on and then immediately clicking off the page. Also when writing your blog remember to style it in easy to read chunks will also keep the attention of readers. Try separating into paragraphs and breaking it up with bulleted lists ( like this one) or bolding words you think are important and should stand out.
  • Pictures, Filters, Videos, all of the above. Blog sites like Tumblr are picture heavy for a reason. Keeping with that people are more likely to skim than read, pictures will make up for the words that you are leaving out. If you are doing a blog about dogs people will want to see pictures of your dog in Valencia and X-Pro II dressed up as Donald Trump for Halloween.  Pictures add some fun to even the most serious of blogs, and you don’t need a professional camera to do it. Any smartphone with a decent camera will do the trick.
  • Write with purpose, no matter what you are writing about. Always, always, always have passion and purpose behind what you put in front of your readers. They will see right through gimmicks and posts that you put out that are only for Google ranks.
  • Tags, SEO, and links. If you are confused by what any of those three mean, don’t fret. I will break it down for you. Tags are words or phrases that you will add on to your blog to let the reader know quickly what the post is about. Keep the tags relevant to what your post is about. These are usually hyperlinked and displayed under the headline of your post. SEO is short for search engine optimization, in a nutshell this means how quickly people are able to find your post organically on the web. Installing an SEO plugin on your blog or filling out the one at the bottom at the page when creating a blog is vital to how people will find your blog. Links, you never want to leave your reader with questions. When adding links to your blog make sure that the reader never leaves your page and when they click their desired link that it opens a new page. There are different plugins for any theme  you can install these on your blog to make the links look pretty and not just a URL.


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The Heartbeat of the Medical Center of The Americas Beats Stronger

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MCA-ResponsiveMedical Center of The Americas Foundation is truly a one of a kind. They have dedicated themselves to the advancement of biomedical research within our community. MCA knew that they needed an online presence that would get the public excited about the future of science and medicine. They wanted something professional with a lot of creativity. The MCA / Stanton Street team up was an obvious one considering we are both the best at what we do. The new MCA website highlights different programs dedicated to advancing the biomedical industry, their community outreach, and information on how you can be a part of their latest program, MCA Angels.

Their colorful homepage really gives you a feel for what MCA is about and their commitment to the field. You can obtain a lot of information about their programs, infrastructure, and support from the community. The easy to use tabs at the top of the site really help you navigate quickly through the various pages we have created for MCA. When scrolling over the About Us tab a colorful drop down menu appears to give you more options to learning about MCA. You are able to learn about their mission statement, their history and who sits on their board of directors. Trying to impress your professors or collegues and you need to find out more about their Annual Reports? No problem, we have given people the ability to not only see their 2014 reports but browse all the way back to 2012 in a neat organized fashion. The MCA news tab allows you to find out more information about the MCA Tech Park , a state of the art facility that is on schedule and on budget to open May of 2016. You are also able to read other headlines the Medical Center of The Americas Foundation has made.

The navigation bar is also home to a series of tabs that provide readers and researchers with MCA’s latest projects like Cardwell Collaborative, its subsidiary Redsky, and their MCA Campus located in South Central El Paso. While you are checking out all the newest development in health and science, don’t forget to watch a very profound and inspiring video that depicts exactly what MCA is striving to achieve everyday. After you have checked out their video on The Future of the Healthcare in the Borderplex you are going to ask, how can I help? That’s easy, whether you want to give monetarily or with your time we have included a Give button located at the top of the page. This makes it easy and convenient to connect with other fundraisers supporting the cause. Getting your information about MCA on the go is also easier than ever, we have made the site to fit screens big or small. Use your smartphone or tablet to give on the go.

We here at Stanton Street geek out over social media just as much as the next techie nerd so we had to include it on their homepage. Take a little scroll down to the bottom of the page you can easily access their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

Even you just spend a few minutes on the Medical Center for the Americas new website it is easy to see how Stanton Street effortlessly created a place for professionalism, science, and creativity to coexist. Do you have a website or idea that you that you would like to take to the next level? Fill out our contact form and we’ll get started on making your company gets the notoriety that it deserves.


How Safe Are Your Passwords?

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Everyday we have to remember what feels like 100 passwords for work, school, and personal stuff. Keeping it all straight, making it easy to remember, and secure against hackers is definitely not an easy feat. Frustrated does not even begin to describe how I feel every time I have to reset my password using security questions.  First let’s go over some password, under no circumstance should you do these, rules.

  1. Never include your name, last name, DOB, or the name of your company
  2. Use another number sequence than 1,2,3,4
  3. Shorter than four characters
  4.  Using the actual word, password
  5. Using any word found in the dictionary

Now that we have a better idea of what a bad password looks like, let’s tackle the makings of a great, not good password. As I mentioned previously using words found in the dictionary are not secure, but you can replace letters with symbols to make the password stronger. For example: p@$$w0rd ( I’m aware I just broke rule number 4, but for the purposes of this blog we will go with that). Below are some other recommendations for making your password secure.

  1. Avoid capitalizing the first letter of your password, instead opt for rotating back and forth between capital and lowercase
  2. Use at least 8 characters
  3. Try using symbols like @, %,!,# to add complexity to your password
  4. This can be a place where you can also utilize anagrams

Be creative with your passwords you don’t want to be the low hanging fruit when things start to get hairy. Avoid writing passwords down but if you absolutely must, make sure that you are storing them in a safe place. Avoid writing things like my GMAIL password is….. try developing anagrams for those things as well. Happy Passwording!