Developer Rides Off Into Sunset: Leaves Behind Broken Computer, Half-Eaten Avocado

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Who knew the day would come when we’d have to say farewell to our Legendary Lead Developer and Ranch Flavored Corn Nuts Fanatic, Simeon Williams. Ten years ago, a young developer strutted into Stanton Street with dreams of world domination. Today, he leaves our company for the big city.

As we each rifle through Simeon’s old desk, we’d each like to extend some well wishes to him:

Ball fights will never be the same. We will no longer cower in fear of your rocket arm.” – Tony

“Good riddance. Just kidding. I will make others cower in fear with my powerful throw; but it will be tough to find someone who can match your skill in the world of coding. You will be greatly missed!” – Amy

“Keep it real dawg.” – Mason

“I’ll miss the ‘Bring Your Kids to Work’ days. Your boys are so adorable mostly because they have such a patient and loving dad!” – Karen

“Simeon was (and still is!) a great developer and will be very missed here at Stanton Street. His shoes will take massive feet to fill.” – Chris

“I wanna wish that crazy kid the best of luck. I’m sorry we didn’t get to know each other better, but I hope you kick ass at your new job. P.S. Great beard.” – Eileen

“Thank you for over 10 years of dedication to our company and surviving! Best wishes on your future endeavors.”- Brian

“May you live long and have many goats. ¡Buena Suerte SWIL!” – Naomi


The Fountains at Farah’s New Website is Overflowing with Awesomeness!

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If you haven’t heard about The Fountains at Farah, then now is the time to check ‘em out via their dazzling new website! Designed and built by your favorite website development company, the new website houses the various shopping, dining, events, and entertainment happenings at this incredible location.

Built for viewing on any device, the site’s responsive format makes this site smartphone, iPad and desktop friendly so you can view at home or on the go. Simple navigation helps the user zip through the site to easily find what they are looking for.

Preparing for a mega-shopping-eating extravaganza? Click the Visit tab to get basic info such as hours, parking options or directions. And, plotting out your plan of attack has never been easier. The Directory contains an interactive map of the property displaying every store, eatery and event space including hours, phone numbers, photos and links to affiliated websites.

Adventure seekers can view the Event calendar for upcoming concerts, art shows, movies, and other special happenings. To find out more about an event, a band or artist, click the image for details and other related links.

Curious minds can learn more about The Fountains at Farah, by visiting the About page. Questions are reserved for the form located on the Contact Us page. Users can also call or email The Fountains at Farah with the information provided on this page.

Business owners interested in becoming a part of this “power/town center” experience can download a leasing package or contact the developer or leasing consultant to assist with getting the process started.

Interested in adding a splash of excitement to your online efforts? Fill out our contact form and we’ll make sure your website is on point. You can also give us a call at (915) 351-8440 to find out more.


Domain Name Registration, DNS & Web Hosting Googlymook

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Many times when we mention the terms DNS, domain name registration or web hosting, potential and existing clients’ eyes glaze over, heart rates increase and beads of sweat well up on their foreheads. Because we care about your comfort and welfare, we’ve rounded up some details to help explain the whole dealio in less stressful terms.

The Domain Name

Stanton Street URL

Example of a domain name

Domain names are part of the URL that is used to identify where your webpage is on the Internet. Each domain name is unique, that’s why it’s one of the first things we ask clients to set up if they don’t have one.

When selecting a domain name, make sure it’s related to your business, memorable and most importantly… available. A quick check on will reveal what names are up for grabs or not. If a domain name is available, then it’s important to claim it by registering it to your personal or company name.

Registering a Domain Name
Once you’ve selected a domain name and confirmed it is available, you need to register it. Registering it assures that once a customer types in your URL it will take them to your website and not somewhere else!

There are several domain name registrars available who will be more than happy to manage your sparkly new web address. Be sure to explore your options and select a service that is accredited within the country you are located in. Fees vary depending on what company and service package you select.

Once your domain name is selected and registered, it will then be translated into an IP address per the Domain Name System, or DNS. This happens because computers and servers don’t speak human and need to understand commands in order to exchange files. As a result, translates to:

Web Hosting
Web hosting is a necessity because without it, a website wouldn’t exist. This is where all of your website files will be stored and managed. A majority of the time, a web developer can host your website and all of the associated files on their server. Since a website is renting space on a server, providers charge for that space. Those fees go toward server maintenance and updates.

How it All Comes Together
Once your domain name is registered and you have a host in place, a developer will create the site. When the site is finished and launched, it will be accessible through the designated URL which is translated to an IP address. Instead of boring you to tears with the full explanation, let me put this righhhht here:

How DNS Works

Click to view larger image

See? That wasn’t bad. Best part is that we can handle all of this for you! We can feel your stress levels decreasing already. Start the process by filling out our contact form or giving us a call at (915) 351-8440.

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Reaching Your Customers with Messaging and Notifications

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Mobile Notifications & MessagingDo you need to get the word out about an upcoming sale or send out a special message to your customers about your store’s changing hours? Communicating with them is no longer limited to direct mail pieces, phone calls or emails. Utilizing smartphones and updated browser technologies can give you a better, more efficient ways of reaching your audience.

Not sure where to start? There are several ways to keep your users “in the loop.” Before you dive in be sure that the approach you select fits not only with the type of messages you are sending, but with your audience too.

Getting Started
1. Identify Your Industry – If interactions and building relationships are vital to your success, you probably should be connecting with your customers across various touchpoints.

2. Determine the Content – What kind of information will you be sending to your users? Communications with customers should be to be segmented and personalized. If users aren’t interested or if it doesn’t relate to them directly, they’ll delete it or unsubscribe.

3. Evaluate Your Assets – Cultivating a relationship with your customers requires quite an investment of time. Take a quick look at your manpower and resources then determine who will lead this initiative. It will help if this person is great with words and grammar and not intimidated by technology.

4. Identify Your Audience – Do you consider your customers pretty technical? Are they using flip phones or have no mobile phone at all? A little demographic research can go a long way in saving time and effort.

5. Give Users Control – Allow users the control over the frequency, the content and what medium they’d like to be reached through. Also, having pause and/or temporarily unsubscribe features incorporated in your messaging strategy will build brownie points with any customer.

6. How Will You Track Success – How will you know if your messages are reaching your customers? You need a way to track them through analytics or adding code for automated reporting.

7. Follow the Law – If you’re planning on reaching out to customers, be sure it’s within the requirements of the law. If you don’t like fines, then get up to speed with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Delivery Method
Email Notifications
Slightly different than email newsletters, email alerts are quick communications focused on the content the user has requested notifications for. Similar to email newsletters, these alerts are sent through the email address a user has provided via a sign up form.

SMS Texts
SMS text notifications will display as a text message on a user’s registered phone number. These messages are typically relayed through a third-party system which will send out a bulk of text messages.

Rich Media Messaging
Similar to SMS, Rich Media Messaging can incorporate video, images, text and social sharing. These messages are also relayed through a third-party system which will send out the bulk messages.

Mobile Applications with Push Notifications
Mobile applications are downloadable applications for smartphones and compatible mobile devices. Applications can send push notifications to users who have downloaded and installed an app.

Browser with Push Notifications
Technically, notifications can also be programmed into a website to send messages to users who aren’t currently using it via their desktops or mobile devices. Unfortunately this type of messaging still needs tweaking since the notifications don’t work from some browsers. This is because each browser behaves differently and not all users access the web in the same way. Because of this, the code a developer writes may not be understood by all browsers.

In summary, notifications are a great way to reach your customers when they are properly planned and executed. The last thing you want is to lose revenue or customers because you missed the mark. If you’d like to know more about communication strategies for your customers, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (915) 351-8440.

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FLFCU Lights Up the Internet With a Redesigned Website

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We’ll be the first to admit that FirstLight Federal Credit Union needed a revamp of their old website to bring it into the next century. Back when it was designed in 2008 it was definitely snazzy, but as with all things web-related – technologies, styles and techniques change. Once we received the green light for a redesign, it was full steam ahead coding away the last days of 2014. We rang in 2015 by launching FLFCU’s fresh new digs.

  • Old Website Old Website
  • New Website New Website
The new homepage opens up with simple navigation in English with an option to view in Spanish. Looking for a job or want to contact FLFCU directly? The subnavigation sits directly above the main navigation highlighting that content and more. If you’re simply dropping in to login and manage your account, the secure login is perched prominently on the page.

Homepage banners feature the latest news and content displayed throughout the site. Users can also search for keywords or locate a nearby ATM or branch using the tools on the homepage. Rates, news and promotions are also readily available for users to interact with clicking over to their landing pages for more details. The “Become a Member” invitation soars at the top of the website inviting users to find out eligibility requirements for membership.

Subpages provide the user with key information on the programs, services and products FirstLight has to offer for individuals, investors and businesses. The content links to related information on either internal or external websites for further information. The Financial Resources section provides users with several tools to help them learn more about finances, calculate loan payments or simply read up on the latest events and news from FLFCU.

Does your website need a makeover? Fill out our contact form and we’ll make it snazzy. You can also give us a call at (915) 351-8440 to find out more.


One Source Federal Credit Union Website Redesign

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  • Old Website Old Website
  • New Website New Website
One Source Federal Credit Union was founded in 1937 and has locations in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico with the purpose of helping members meet their financial goals. They needed their old website refreshed to better represent their services and appeal to their member-owners. Stanton Street was able to bring their vision to life with vibrant images, colors and easy-to-find information.

Serving both Spanish and English speakers, the new website delivers relevant and timely information for all member-owners. Users can select their desired language by clicking the orange button at the top of the site to view content specifically geared to them. The site is also built to display on various screen sizes. This means users can view the site on their desktop or any mobile device – like a smartphone.

Specific services and other important information is highlighted through rotating banner images on the homepage. Each banner is clickable, taking the user to a sub-page for additional details. The homepage also contains logins for various services that help member-owners manage their accounts.

The homepage also features a top level navigation and a main navigation. The top level navigation contains links for career, corporate logins, ATM searches and locations with maps and a contact form. The Career page displays all open positions within OSFCU and gives users the opportunity to apply online. The ATM search provides a list and location for all ATMs located within a certain vicinity. Simply type in the zip code or address, city and state to find the one nearest you! Locating an OSFCU branch or main office is a cinch with the Location/Contact Us feature. Have a question for a specific branch or main office? Submit it through the contact us form within each location tab.

The main navigation is home to the various services OSFCU provides. Here, potential and current member-owners can learn more about OSFCU and what they offer in regards to Membership, Accounts, E-Services, and Loans & Credit. Users can also look up current Rates, check out the FAQ’s or view the Quick Links to get to where they want to go in one click.

Are you in need of a 21st century website revamp? Fill out our contact form and we’ll help you rebuild and rebrand yourself! You can also reach us at (915) 351-8440 to find out more information.


Consultations for Hire!

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Stanton StreetAt Stanton Street we believe your online presence is imperative to your business’ success. Whether your goals are selling in the online marketplace or simply tailoring your website content to reach new customers, we’re ready to assist you in making the most of your web presence by offering some of our services on a consulting basis.

Through consulting, we can:

  • Provide a comprehensive review of your current website’s content and functionality.
  • Review and report on user profiles, best practices and competitors.
  • Discuss marketing, search engine optimization, sitemaps or web designs and provide you with recommendations.
  • Investigate and recommend third-party applications that best suit your needs and budget.
  • Observe your social media interactions and brainstorm strategies to further connect with your audience.
  • Assist you with developing an online campaign with display ads and measurable goals.
  • Troubleshoot business services and recommend other approaches so you can work more efficiently.
  • Provide tips for social media, e-newsletters or other online communications/customer outreach.
  • Analyze and discuss web analytics data and strategies.
  • Host a training for various online topics such as website analytics, social media profile set up, web design and Internet marketing.
  • Provide guest speaker services regarding online topics such as web design, user experience, copywriting, campaign strategies, trends and social media interaction.

These are only a few examples of the wide range of topics we can help with. Our clients aren’t limited to what we’ve listed above. If you have an issue or concern, we’re here to help by bringing our expertise to the table. We understand how important your online efforts are to your success and we want to ensure every facet of your presence is not only functional and conveys the right message, but also uses the most current web technology and techniques.

Your success is ours! Call us at (915) 351-8440 to find out more about pricing for consulting packages.


Stanton Street and Bath Group Engineer a Responsive Website

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Bath Group Responsive WebsiteBath Group, Inc. provides engineering services to various government and corporate entities locally and internationally. They needed a design refresh built on a responsive platform that resized for viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

The site’s homepage is colorful and vibrant presenting in a clean and easy-to-use format. Interactive image blocks provide quick links to the specialty areas, careers, services, portfolio items and a contact form found within the site. Users can also access these pages through the simple navigation displayed at the top of the homepage.

Once a user enters each section of the site, they are greeted with a wealth of information and images related to that specific topic. For those needing larger text, there is a font sizing tool utilized within the text frame of a page. A simple click of the “Español” navigation will display the entire site in Spanish.

The portfolio section highlights the range of industries and specifically, an overview of services provided for each featured business. The clients page will display a full list of Bath Group’s clientele. A click on a client will display a client summary that includes projects, testimonials and a general description of that particular business.

The contact us page allows users an opportunity to view and apply for job opportunities. Users can also view driving directions and contact information for each Bath Group office located in New Mexico and Texas.

Do you need your website re-engineered to be responsive? Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (915) 351-8440.


Southwest University Park: The Home for Baseball, Private Events and a New Website

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It’s off-season for the El Paso Chihuahuas, but Southwest University Park is available and ready to help you plan your next event or company outing! They offer a variety of venues for a multitude of events from board meetings, graduations and community events. Our latest website was built to showcase their rental options and let the public know that it’s more than just a ballpark.


The homepage features simple navigation that gets right to the point: venue details, event planning, a calendar and a contact form. There’s also ticketing information, because Southwest University Park is still the home of the Chihuahuas! Rotating banners feature the flexibility and usability of the ballpark with eye-popping high quality imagery. Here you can also keep up with the latest news and announcements or click on the ballpark map to determine where your next event will be.

The Area & Venue section houses all of the specifications, parking information and photo tours of the ballpark itself. Clicking through each subpage will display associated maps, images and downloads where applicable.

Need to see what’s available? Visit the Plan Your Event section to view cost, capacity and capabilities for each rental space within the ballpark. Clicking each image will take you on a photo tour of that specific space. If you’d like to see upcoming events or visualize how others have used the space, click on the Event Calendar. Each event has related details along with a photo album if available.

Once you determine which ballpark venue suits your needs, simply click on the Contact Us button to send over your vision for the event! Or, get tickets for next season by visiting the Ticket Info page.

Like what you see? Let us know! Fill out our contact form and we’ll get started on your very own website. You can also give us a call at (915) 351-8440 to find out more.


Copyright Infringement and Your Online Content

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copyright infringementEarlier this year we posted a link to an article that stirred up quite a bit of attention. In summary, a band grabbed an image from a photographer’s website, edited it and uploaded to their Facebook page without getting permission from the photographer or giving him credit. To make things worse, photographer confronted the band and the band blasted the photographer online. In the end, the photographer was vindicated with a check and a swift apology ‘cause the law won.

Risky Business
Pulling content off the Internet and using it for your own purposes comes with major risks. This is especially true when you have a blog or website where images sit waiting to be tagged for copyright infringement lawsuits. Several content creators meticulously scour the Internet for violations through software programs or add tracking tags to their content. So it’s not a matter of “if they find you,” it’s more like “when.”

Your Responsibilities As A Website Owner
If you’re building a website through a third-party, it is your responsibility and right to know where your images and content originated from. Reputable web design companies should also provide you with an invoice or contact sheet with details about your images. In regards to the text on your site, be sure not to copy it from somewhere else – online or print. Yes, copyright law covers all forms of media.

Once your website is handed off to you for maintenance and updating, we highly recommend that whoever is updating your content knows enough about copyright and image use to prevent you from being sued. For peace of mind assume any images, logos, videos, text, symbols, and printed materials are copyrighted. If you need content for your website or blog post, here are a few suggestions:

1. Create Your Own ContentThe best approach is to create your own content. Hire a professional photographer, copywriter or purchase your own fancy digital camera. Trust me, the investment you make here is minimal compared being sued for copyright infringement which can run into thousands of dollars.

2. Purchase Stock ContentYou can also purchase affordable, high-quality images or other media from a stock site. Be sure you are purchasing the right license that covers how you will be using the content. Most standard licenses cover online use only. If you are using content for a marketing campaign, you will more than likely need to purchase an extended license. One of the downsides is that your images will not be unique and can be used by anyone else – including your competitors.

In summary, copyright infringement is a costly mistake that can be avoided. The law doesn’t care if you plead ignorance or think you didn’t do anything wrong. A majority of the time the website owner will be held accountable. Don’t set yourself up for a hefty fine. To find out more about copyright infringement or ask questions about your online efforts, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (915) 351-8440.


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