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5 Online Marketing Terms That You Need to Know

5 Online Marketing Terms That You Need to Know

Every so often we like to arm you with some technology terms that might help you understand technology and the very complicated internet. We have rounded up some online marketing terms that we feel you need to know. So take a scroll on through and get some clarification on something you’ve probably heard before but weren’t sure what they meant.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): This is the advertising done on search engines such as Adwords or Bing Words. You would usually purchase this type of advertising because you want to gain more traffic on your website. SEM also can be called Paid Per Click marketing.
  • Bounce Rate: So say you have attracted more traffic to your site whether is be organically or paid but what happens once they get there. If they click on to your site and then quickly click away this is called a bounce rate. It’s the percentage of visitors that leave your site without even really looking at it.
  • Traffic: This is an easy one to remember. It simply means how many people are visiting your site.
  • Multi Channel: Facebook Ads, banner ads on a website, and marketing emails are all different channels used to drive traffic to your site. In a nutshell that is what multi channel means.
  • Call to Action: When ever you are browsing the web and you notice a particular image or text trying calling your attention and requiring you to do something is called, Call to Action. What it is requiring you to do could be sign up for their newsletter, buy a product, or read more content.

Now that you have a better understanding of some common marketing terms get out there and make it happen. Never be afraid to try something new, you never know what’s around the corner.

Eileen Lozano
Eileen Lozano is an Office Manager/Client Services Assistant at Stanton Street, an El Paso, Texas area website development company.

Contact Eileen Lozano at (915) 351-8440.

The Heartbeat of the Medical Center of The Americas Beats Stronger

The Heartbeat of the Medical Center of The Americas Beats Stronger

MCA-ResponsiveMedical Center of The Americas Foundation is truly a one of a kind. They have dedicated themselves to the advancement of biomedical research within our community. MCA knew that they needed an online presence that would get the public excited about the future of science and medicine. They wanted something professional with a lot of creativity. The MCA / Stanton Street team up was an obvious one considering we are both the best at what we do. The new MCA website highlights different programs dedicated to advancing the biomedical industry, their community outreach, and information on how you can be a part of their latest program, MCA Angels.

Their colorful homepage really gives you a feel for what MCA is about and their commitment to the field. You can obtain a lot of information about their programs, infrastructure, and support from the community. The easy to use tabs at the top of the site really help you navigate quickly through the various pages we have created for MCA. When scrolling over the About Us tab a colorful drop down menu appears to give you more options to learning about MCA. You are able to learn about their mission statement, their history and who sits on their board of directors. Trying to impress your professors or collegues and you need to find out more about their Annual Reports? No problem, we have given people the ability to not only see their 2014 reports but browse all the way back to 2012 in a neat organized fashion. The MCA news tab allows you to find out more information about the MCA Tech Park , a state of the art facility that is on schedule and on budget to open May of 2016. You are also able to read other headlines the Medical Center of The Americas Foundation has made.

The navigation bar is also home to a series of tabs that provide readers and researchers with MCA’s latest projects like Cardwell Collaborative, its subsidiary Redsky, and their MCA Campus located in South Central El Paso. While you are checking out all the newest development in health and science, don’t forget to watch a very profound and inspiring video that depicts exactly what MCA is striving to achieve everyday. After you have checked out their video on The Future of the Healthcare in the Borderplex you are going to ask, how can I help? That’s easy, whether you want to give monetarily or with your time we have included a Give button located at the top of the page. This makes it easy and convenient to connect with other fundraisers supporting the cause. Getting your information about MCA on the go is also easier than ever, we have made the site to fit screens big or small. Use your smartphone or tablet to give on the go.

We here at Stanton Street geek out over social media just as much as the next techie nerd so we had to include it on their homepage. Take a little scroll down to the bottom of the page you can easily access their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

Even you just spend a few minutes on the Medical Center for the Americas new website it is easy to see how Stanton Street effortlessly created a place for professionalism, science, and creativity to coexist. Do you have a website or idea that you that you would like to take to the next level? Fill out our contact form and we’ll get started on making your company gets the notoriety that it deserves.

Eileen Lozano
Eileen Lozano is an Office Manager/Client Services Assistant at Stanton Street, an El Paso, Texas area website development company.

Contact Eileen Lozano at (915) 351-8440.

Reaching Your Customers with Messaging and Notifications

Reaching Your Customers with Messaging and Notifications

Mobile Notifications & MessagingDo you need to get the word out about an upcoming sale or send out a special message to your customers about your store’s changing hours? Communicating with them is no longer limited to direct mail pieces, phone calls or emails. Utilizing smartphones and updated browser technologies can give you a better, more efficient ways of reaching your audience.

Not sure where to start? There are several ways to keep your users “in the loop.” Before you dive in be sure that the approach you select fits not only with the type of messages you are sending, but with your audience too.

Getting Started
1. Identify Your Industry – If interactions and building relationships are vital to your success, you probably should be connecting with your customers across various touchpoints.

2. Determine the Content – What kind of information will you be sending to your users? Communications with customers should be to be segmented and personalized. If users aren’t interested or if it doesn’t relate to them directly, they’ll delete it or unsubscribe.

3. Evaluate Your Assets – Cultivating a relationship with your customers requires quite an investment of time. Take a quick look at your manpower and resources then determine who will lead this initiative. It will help if this person is great with words and grammar and not intimidated by technology.

4. Identify Your Audience – Do you consider your customers pretty technical? Are they using flip phones or have no mobile phone at all? A little demographic research can go a long way in saving time and effort.

5. Give Users Control – Allow users the control over the frequency, the content and what medium they’d like to be reached through. Also, having pause and/or temporarily unsubscribe features incorporated in your messaging strategy will build brownie points with any customer.

6. How Will You Track Success – How will you know if your messages are reaching your customers? You need a way to track them through analytics or adding code for automated reporting.

7. Follow the Law – If you’re planning on reaching out to customers, be sure it’s within the requirements of the law. If you don’t like fines, then get up to speed with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Delivery Method
Email Notifications
Slightly different than email newsletters, email alerts are quick communications focused on the content the user has requested notifications for. Similar to email newsletters, these alerts are sent through the email address a user has provided via a sign up form.

SMS Texts
SMS text notifications will display as a text message on a user’s registered phone number. These messages are typically relayed through a third-party system which will send out a bulk of text messages.

Rich Media Messaging
Similar to SMS, Rich Media Messaging can incorporate video, images, text and social sharing. These messages are also relayed through a third-party system which will send out the bulk messages.

Mobile Applications with Push Notifications
Mobile applications are downloadable applications for smartphones and compatible mobile devices. Applications can send push notifications to users who have downloaded and installed an app.

Browser with Push Notifications
Technically, notifications can also be programmed into a website to send messages to users who aren’t currently using it via their desktops or mobile devices. Unfortunately this type of messaging still needs tweaking since the notifications don’t work from some browsers. This is because each browser behaves differently and not all users access the web in the same way. Because of this, the code a developer writes may not be understood by all browsers.

In summary, notifications are a great way to reach your customers when they are properly planned and executed. The last thing you want is to lose revenue or customers because you missed the mark. If you’d like to know more about communication strategies for your customers, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (915) 351-8440.

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Naomi Dhillon
Naomi Dhillon is an Account Executive at Stanton Street, an El Paso, Texas area website development company.

Contact Naomi Dhillon at (915) 351-8440.

Consultations for Hire!

Consultations for Hire!

Stanton StreetAt Stanton Street we believe your online presence is imperative to your business’ success. Whether your goals are selling in the online marketplace or simply tailoring your website content to reach new customers, we’re ready to assist you in making the most of your web presence by offering some of our services on a consulting basis.

Through consulting, we can:

  • Provide a comprehensive review of your current website’s content and functionality.
  • Review and report on user profiles, best practices and competitors.
  • Discuss marketing, search engine optimization, sitemaps or web designs and provide you with recommendations.
  • Investigate and recommend third-party applications that best suit your needs and budget.
  • Observe your social media interactions and brainstorm strategies to further connect with your audience.
  • Assist you with developing an online campaign with display ads and measurable goals.
  • Troubleshoot business services and recommend other approaches so you can work more efficiently.
  • Provide tips for social media, e-newsletters or other online communications/customer outreach.
  • Analyze and discuss web analytics data and strategies.
  • Host a training for various online topics such as website analytics, social media profile set up, web design and Internet marketing.
  • Provide guest speaker services regarding online topics such as web design, user experience, copywriting, campaign strategies, trends and social media interaction.

These are only a few examples of the wide range of topics we can help with. Our clients aren’t limited to what we’ve listed above. If you have an issue or concern, we’re here to help by bringing our expertise to the table. We understand how important your online efforts are to your success and we want to ensure every facet of your presence is not only functional and conveys the right message, but also uses the most current web technology and techniques.

Your success is ours! Call us at (915) 351-8440 to find out more about pricing for consulting packages.

Naomi Dhillon
Naomi Dhillon is an Account Executive at Stanton Street, an El Paso, Texas area website development company.

Contact Naomi Dhillon at (915) 351-8440.

Use Your #Hashtags Wisely!

Use Your #Hashtags Wisely!

If you’re on one of the more popular social media sites, you’ve seen them lurking in the body or bottom corner of a post. Sometimes they take up the whole next line, sometimes they’re only one small word. They’re meant to grab your attention one way or another – unfortunately sometimes it’s for all the wrong reasons. So, my friends, here are some tips to keep your hashtags legit.

What Are Hashtags For?
Hashtags are used to categorize, and in some cases, clarify the content of your post on social media networks. This allows marketers, businesses and users alike to be found for particular keywords or topics.

Do’s & Don’ts
Hashtags are simple to create but that doesn’t mean you can simply cram a bunch of words together and expect people to find you. A little bit of research and finesse can take your # a long way. Here are some tips:

1. Do focus on a message
If you’re using a hashtag, think about the people you are trying to reach and what keywords they will be searching for. Know your audience and connect with them using their language. Keep it simple, timely and relevant:

2. Do know what’s trending
If you’re attempting to attract traffic to your profile, including a trending hashtag related to your content may be a good idea. Our advice? Approach this with caution because you don’t want to step into a conversation that could do more harm than help:

3. Do be creative
If you’d like to build some momentum for a contest or topic you can create an original hashtag. Pick something catchy and clever then see if it already exists. And don’t forget what seems to be a theme on this blog – read through for other interpretations. Dirty birdies and smarty pants are a-plenty on the interwebz:


4. Don’t over-hash or string us along
#Please #dont #do #this OR…. #dontdothiseitherbecauseitmakesyoulookcrazytoeveryonethatfollowsyou
Simply tagging each word means you expect someone to search for the words “please” “don’t,” “do” and “this.” No one is going to look for those words individually nor will they search for an entire sentence. Tagging each word or putting a sentence behind a hashtag shows that you really don’t understand how it all works:

Hashtag Meme

Need more advice, tips, ideas? We can help take your social media strategy to the next level. Give us a call at (915) 351-8440 or fill out our contact form.

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Naomi Dhillon
Naomi Dhillon is an Account Executive at Stanton Street, an El Paso, Texas area website development company.

Contact Naomi Dhillon at (915) 351-8440.

Don’t Just Build Your Website with Stanton Street, Build Your Business Too!

Don’t Just Build Your Website with Stanton Street, Build Your Business Too!

If you’re familiar with our company you may automatically think Stanton Street simply builds websites, but did you know we can do so much more? Aside from website development we’re quite skilled in building intranets, managing social media, creating online marketing campaigns, designing complicated intranet structures, coding custom applications and so much more. Want details? Here’s a quick overview of what we can do for your business!

Content is one of the most important things you’ll put online. Make sure you’re using the correct lingo and techniques to be seen and heard. Hard-hitting keywords paired with a dash of SEO can make a world of difference.


Custom-Applications-1Custom Applications
Got a problem that needs a-solvin’? We’ll code ourselves silly to get you the custom application you need using the latest techniques and up-to-date languages.


Digital-Advertising-1Digital Advertising
Banner ads, native advertising, pay-per-click campaigns… they’re all derived from a great marketing plan and even greater execution. We’ll work with you to reach your audience and your goals.


From a few products to several, we can build a database to house your inventory. Secure payment transactions and a simple interface give your customers a reason to come back for more!


Event-Registration-1Event Registration
Start your event off on the right foot with our online registration process. Need online bill-pay? No worries, we’ll make sure it’s secure and easy-to-use giving your participants peace of mind.


The ability to manage mass quantities of data is necessary in the business environment of today. We can help you efficiently organize and structure documents, calendars, directories and reach out to your employees from one location. Save paper and space!

Mobile-Responsive-1Mobile/Responsive Websites
Smartphones, tablets, consoles… we know what’s out there and we know how important it is for you to reach your audience where they’re at. That’s why when it comes to developing mobile-friendly websites and responsive designs we’re right on point.

With smartphones, bigger screens and retina technologies, imagery is increasingly playing a larger role in the online experience. We believe that having an enjoyable online experience means having custom, quality images. Now isn’t that something you want to give to your customers?

Scheduling-Applications-3Scheduling Applications
Is the day-planner just not cutting it anymore? If you have a jumbled mess of days, times and names, we can help you sort it all out with an easy-to-use program.


Social-Media-2Social Media Management
Connecting with your clients takes a lot more than just opening up a profile online. Strategy, timing and technique will help you gain the followers you desire!


Strategy-Consultations-2Strategy & Consultations
Brainiacs are in full-effect at Stanton Street. Do you have an online business problem that needs to be solved? We’ll help you figure out the best approach and create a solution. Just think of us as your one-stop shop for all things online.

Time-Clock-1Time Clocks
Organizing your employees’ time is vital to your bottom line. Our web-based time clock system allows supervisors and managers to keep track of hours and time off and export data to their payroll systems.


Vendor-Contract-MgmtVendor/Contract Management
Managing contracts, legal requirements and vendors can be tedious. That’s why we have several solutions to help you keep track of it all. From vendor management to reports, we’ve got you covered.


Whew… is your head a whirly bird of information? We have this and so much more to offer. The bottom line is: If you have an online business challenge, give us a call so we can help you conquer it! You can reach us via our contact form or at (915) 351-8440.

Naomi Dhillon
Naomi Dhillon is an Account Executive at Stanton Street, an El Paso, Texas area website development company.

Contact Naomi Dhillon at (915) 351-8440.

Domain Name Fumbles Equal Online Troubles

Domain Name Fumbles Equal Online Troubles

Domain NamesPicking a domain name is one of the most important things you will do when it comes to building your online presence. Most of the time clients come to us with domain names already purchased. So with that in mind we’ve gathered up some tips to help you avoid the missteps, possible disasters and impending doom of trying to market a difficult website address.

What’s in a Name?
Your website address (also called domain name or URL) should be user-friendly and memorable. Some companies choose to have more than one domain name, one with their name in it and the other with a keyword associated to their business. Stay away from copyrighted names, slang and unrelated words – these are bad for search engines.

Also, be sure this is a web address you want displayed on all of your business materials and repeated to prospective customers. You can also look at your competitors and how they are formatting their domain names. Remember to keep it simple and memorable – that means no more than three words in your web address.

Faux Pas Indeed…
Another important tip for picking a domain name is to pay close attention to any inappropriate interpretations. Have a few you like? Say them a few times to yourself to make sure you’re not the next one people giggle about like so… (shy people: please skip to next paragraph).

  • Experts Exchange – “”
  • IT Scrap – “”
  • Pen Island – “”
  • Speed of Art – “”
  • Who Represents – “”

Variety is the Spice of Life!
Once you’ve brainstormed, gathered up your top five or ten and find out if they’re available. If one is, then you will need to purchase and register it. Also if you can afford it, try to purchase other domain names affiliated with your company. This not only solidifies your company as the go-to business for your industry but keeps all the traffic going to your site.

If you fail to snatch up the variations, we guarantee that someone will. This ‘someone’ can then hold your desired domain name hostage for a nifty price with a lot of zeros. Case in point? An NFL team who fumbled when it came to purchasing one of the most important variations of their URL. A ‘someone’ bought the domain name and started bids at $275,000. The team passed on the bid, so another company swooped in to take it thus changing the (*ahem) fan base entirely.

Submit it or Quit it
Once you’ve purchased your domain name(s), the next important step is to submit it to the search engines. Think of it as notifying the post office. They don’t know you’ve moved until you tell them. Until then, all your friends and relatives are sending cash-filled birthday cards to your old place… something tells us you don’t want to miss that.

Wrappin’ it Up
So you’ve carefully selected your domain name, purchased the variations and submitted to search engines. Your work is not done yet my friend. Maintaining your domain name(s) registration is one of the most important steps of all. Be sure to set up renewal notices or pay for years in advance because if you don’t know by now, the Internet can be a very cruel mistress. Many companies have let their renewals lapse leaving their domain names vulnerable to auction houses that swoop in to purchase them. These auction houses then turn around and sell your precious domain name for way too much. Remember that NFL team? Yeah, that hurts.

Need help with all this techy-googlymook? Give us a call or use our contact form ‘cause the great tips don’t end here. Stanton Street can help you select the right domain name for your business, submit to search engines AND manage your renewals for you. See? We’re awesome like that.

Naomi Dhillon
Naomi Dhillon is an Account Executive at Stanton Street, an El Paso, Texas area website development company.

Contact Naomi Dhillon at (915) 351-8440.

Traditional Advertising vs. Digital Advertising with Stanton Street

Traditional Advertising vs. Digital Advertising with Stanton Street

While both Digital and Traditional Advertising have their place in bringing awareness to your business or products, Digital Advertising offers a few unique benefits over Traditional Advertising that may help you decrease advertising costs while increasing profits.

Benefit #1: Targeting

Concentrate your effort and your ads where they are most effective! Get your ads in front of the person who is most likely to complete a desired action or purchase. With Digital Advertising you can target potential customers who are searching for exactly what you have to offer and/or key off their age, gender, interests, topics and/or location. Then re-target your ads to people who were oh so close to completing the desired action or purchase but didn’t quite finish. All of this gives you pinpoint accuracy in your advertising spend, maximizing your advertising dollar and your return on investment.

Benefit #2: Measurement

How do you know if your advertising dollars have been well spent? Was your last sale a result of someone seeing your ad online or a click from your latest newsletter? Digital Advertising is one of the most accountable forms of advertising there is. It allows you to gather data on each parts of your digital campaign to determine which is converting and which isn’t. The best part is that you don’t have to wait until your campaign has run its course to measure effectiveness. Conversion reports can be at your fingertips daily, weekly or monthly. So what can you do with all of that information? Please read on!

Benefit #3: Adjustment

Adjustment goes hand in hand with Measurement. Digital Advertising is never, ever, a set it and forget advertising medium. It allows you to run several different types of ads from several different sources. Measure which ads or sources give you the biggest bang for your buck. Then drop parts of the campaign that aren’t converting. Pause an ad that is a dog. Move your ad buy budget to ads that are making you money! All of this means lower advertising costs with more conversions and better results for your business. Digital Advertising gives you the power to make changes anytime throughout your campaign.

Don’t Waste Your Digital Campaign Dollars

All Digital Advertising campaigns managed by Stanton Street, are driven by results. We don’t just set up your ads or campaigns, click “go” and walk away. We manage, nurture and squeeze every ounce of return on investment out of your campaign through targeting, measurement and adjustment. We bob and weave with your conversions, never content to sit back and wait or “forget it” until we used up your money. With all of the valuable benefits of a digital ad campaign, you’d be a fool to miss out by treating your digital campaign like a traditional campaign!

If you want Stanton Street help your Digital Advertising campaign reap these benefits and increase return on investment, contact us today!

Karen Loper
Karen Loper is the Internet Marketing Specialist at Stanton Street, an El Paso, Texas website development company.

Contact Karen Loper at (915) 351-8440.

Political Campaign Services: Stanton Street’s Latest Online Offering

Political Campaign Services: Stanton Street’s Latest Online Offering

Running for a political position is no easy task. There’s paperwork to be filled out, a trust-worthy and dependable campaign team that needs to be built, a platform to develop, strategies which need to be outlined… and usually all before making the big announcement. When District 7 representative Steve Ortega decided to run as a mayoral candidate for the upcoming race in El Paso, Texas, it’s likely that many of these details were already on his mind.

It’s a tall order so anything that can make the endeavor less stressful has to be a good thing. Luckily, Stanton Street has a few helpful products. During the latter part of 2011, some useful tools were being developed to assist with an U.S. Congressional Campaign which turned out to be a success. These elements are now part of an all-encompassing package that is available for political hopefuls or organizations trying to target potential voters and supporters.

ActiVote Social Voter Engagement Tool by Stanton Street

Our Political Campaign Services are grouped around a core component called Acti-Vote. This online tool allows clients to gather invaluable voter demographic information which, along with other campaign elements, can be used to build a database that clients can use to recruit supporters and correspond with them throughout the life of the campaign.

If a candidate is going the traditional route, there’s bound to be plenty of block-walking and door knocking along the way. Although forms and clipboards can be useful, they’re not always the friendliest companions. Mobility is a plus, so our package includes a mobile-friendly interface which allows teams to collect and save information along the way. There’s no need to transfer data at the end of the trek because all info is automatically added to the campaign database.

Targeting potential voters is an entirely different game these days. The List Builder portion of our Political Campaign Services allows clients to build custom lists from a database of registered voters… but that’s just the beginning. These lists can also be based on various combinations of valuable information such as voting history, gender, age, location and other types of characteristics. Once finalized, they can be prepared as mailing or walking lists to target individuals most likely to vote for your candidate.

While we mentioned quite a bit, this is just the tip of the online campaigning iceberg. Services for customized mailing and walking lists, data visualization, copywriting and photography are available as well. All of these elements can be found through our site on a page dedicated to Political Campaign Services.

It’s been a few months since Steve Ortega approached Stanton Street and we’ve been chugging away at his campaign ever since. The Ortega for El Paso website has been up and running for quite some time already and we’re continuing to work on other aspects of the project.

Of course, Stanton Street is available to help with your venture as well. Give us a call at 915.351.8440 or shoot us an email to get started on your campaign!

Stanton Street Staff
Stanton Street is a web design and website development firm in El Paso, Texas specializing in Websites, Intranets, Extranets, SEO/SEM, Website Analytics, Email Protection and Email Newsletters. Designing and developing websites since 1999.
Ready, Set… Vote! Stanton Street Takes on Another Political Campaign Project

Ready, Set… Vote! Stanton Street Takes on Another Political Campaign Project

The success of the recent Beto O’Rourke for Congress campaign is still fresh on many El Pasoans’ minds but we’re already chugging along with the next political project. The position for Mayor of El Paso will be up for grabs and one candidate wasted no time hitting up Stanton Street to help build awareness for his campaign efforts.

District 7 City Representative Steve Ortega threw his hat in the ring late last year and immediately started working on his online presence. The site for his campaign is a clean and straight-forward approach which allows the user to easily learn about Ortega’s political vision. website by Stanton Street - website screenshot
The Steve Ortega website is filled with information about Ortega’s vision for El Paso.

The homepage features three prominently placed buttons which lead the user to either Ortega’s bio, his platform issues or a page to sign up as a volunteer. The homepage also features a banner ad which displays each of Ortega’s platform issues. If a user wants to know more about a topic, clicking on the image for that issue will direct the user to a page with more detailed information.

Regardless of which page a user may be viewing, the ability to make a donation, sign up to receive the campaign newsletter or visit the official Facebook page are all featured on the site’s template.

While the success of a campaign depends on a variety of factors, we’re sure the new website will serve as an indispensable tool in the weeks to come.

Stanton Street Staff
Stanton Street is a web design and website development firm in El Paso, Texas specializing in Websites, Intranets, Extranets, SEO/SEM, Website Analytics, Email Protection and Email Newsletters. Designing and developing websites since 1999.