WestStar Mobile-Friendly Site: Easy to View, Easy to Use

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WestStar Mobile-Friendly Website

WestStar Mobile-Friendly Website

Looking for a quick, easy way to access WestStar Bank while you’re on the go? Check out their new mobile-friendly website on your smartphone! Here you’ll find the latest information on products, get directions to the nearest ATM and more.

The first stop on the mobile-friendly site is the Mobile Banking tab. Users can download iPhone/iPad or Android apps and also login and manage their account through WestStar’s mobile NetBanking site.

Interested in Personal Checking, Lending or Business Products? A quick click on the Products tab gets you the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your financial needs. Forms and links to additional information are also available where applicable.

If you’d like to speak to a Customer Service representative, report a lost or stolen card or send WestStar some feedback; simply click on the “Contact Us” tab to access click-to-call phone numbers and addresses for the main office and branch locations. Clicking on the “Contact Us” button on the page delivers a feedback form that seamlessly captures your comments and routes to the proper department or individual for a reply.

The “View branch locations” link takes you directly to the Branches and ATM locator portion of the mobile-friendly website. The locator can find the nearest branch or ATM through the GPS location of your smartphone or from an address or zip code. The branch locator not only helps you find the nearest WestStar branch but also provides details on operational hours, contact information, a list of services as well as directions served up through a Google map. The ATM locator works in a similar way using the GPS location of your smartphone or a zip code. If there’s not a WestStar ATM nearby, click on the Allpoint link to access their database of ATMs across the U.S.

WestStar ATM/Branch Locator

WestStar ATM/Branch Locator

For users that want to dive deeper into the services WestStar has to offer, the mobile website also provides users with quick links to the full website and privacy disclosures. Alerts are also available on the mobile site informing users of upcoming events, service updates and possible scams to be on the lookout for. Have socializing in mind? Click on the Facebook link to connect and interact with WestStar Bank and their fans!

Thinking a mobile-friendly site is for you? Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (915) 351-8440 to find out more.


Communication Nightmares? Get Organized and Get Intranet

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Internal Communications Nightmare

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is internal communication. If you’re a medium to large size business owner, maybe you’ve tried several out-of-the-box solutions that have failed to give you the customization you need. That’s when you can call on Stanton Street to create a custom, streamlined intranet built directly to your specifications.

Using the power of the web to streamline your company’s internal operations, our private websites allow you to quickly and efficiently share and organize information with everyone in your organization. Employee intranets can serve as a central location to store documents and other important information allowing your organization to go paperless.

We can help you centralize your internal communications with functionalities such as:

  • Employee Clock In/Clock Out
  • Employee Action Items
  • Job Openings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Announcements
  • News and Events Display with RSVP Feature
  • Employee Quick Link Customizations
  • Employee Directory
  • Document Repository
  • Vendor Documentation Management
  • HR Information
  • FAQs

Stanton Street has developed intranets for organizations both large and small. Like all of the websites we develop, your intranet will be custom built to meet your specific needs. While your company may require a calendar to post vacation requests and keep track of employee birthdays, another business may be more concerned about implementing a document repository which can neatly hold and categorize multiple types of documents. Maybe there’s a need to track online sales as well as related documents, forms and information. Stanton Street is capable of handling these types of needs and more.

Our experienced staff has developed intranet systems for a variety of client types, including financial institutions, non-profit organizations, real estate developers, travel center networks and a wide array of other businesses which have benefited from their custom built structure.

To find out more, check out what we accomplished for one of our clients. If you’d like to get started, fill out our contact form or call us at (915) 351-8440.


Use Your #Hashtags Wisely!

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If you’re on one of the more popular social media sites, you’ve seen them lurking in the body or bottom corner of a post. Sometimes they take up the whole next line, sometimes they’re only one small word. They’re meant to grab your attention one way or another – unfortunately sometimes it’s for all the wrong reasons. So, my friends, here are some tips to keep your hashtags legit.

What Are Hashtags For?
Hashtags are used to categorize, and in some cases, clarify the content of your post on social media networks. This allows marketers, businesses and users alike to be found for particular keywords or topics.

Do’s & Don’ts
Hashtags are simple to create but that doesn’t mean you can simply cram a bunch of words together and expect people to find you. A little bit of research and finesse can take your # a long way. Here are some tips:

1. Do focus on a message
If you’re using a hashtag, think about the people you are trying to reach and what keywords they will be searching for. Know your audience and connect with them using their language. Keep it simple, timely and relevant:

2. Do know what’s trending
If you’re attempting to attract traffic to your profile, including a trending hashtag related to your content may be a good idea. Our advice? Approach this with caution because you don’t want to step into a conversation that could do more harm than help:

3. Do be creative
If you’d like to build some momentum for a contest or topic you can create an original hashtag. Pick something catchy and clever then see if it already exists. And don’t forget what seems to be a theme on this blog – read through for other interpretations. Dirty birdies and smarty pants are a-plenty on the interwebz:


4. Don’t over-hash or string us along
#Please #dont #do #this OR…. #dontdothiseitherbecauseitmakesyoulookcrazytoeveryonethatfollowsyou
Simply tagging each word means you expect someone to search for the words “please” “don’t,” “do” and “this.” No one is going to look for those words individually nor will they search for an entire sentence. Tagging each word or putting a sentence behind a hashtag shows that you really don’t understand how it all works:

Hashtag Meme

Need more advice, tips, ideas? We can help take your social media strategy to the next level. Give us a call at (915) 351-8440 or fill out our contact form.

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Don’t Just Build Your Website with Stanton Street, Build Your Business Too!

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If you’re familiar with our company you may automatically think Stanton Street simply builds websites, but did you know we can do so much more? Aside from website development we’re quite skilled in building intranets, managing social media, creating online marketing campaigns, designing complicated intranet structures, coding custom applications and so much more. Want details? Here’s a quick overview of what we can do for your business!

Content is one of the most important things you’ll put online. Make sure you’re using the correct lingo and techniques to be seen and heard. Hard-hitting keywords paired with a dash of SEO can make a world of difference.


Custom-Applications-1Custom Applications
Got a problem that needs a-solvin’? We’ll code ourselves silly to get you the custom application you need using the latest techniques and up-to-date languages.


Digital-Advertising-1Digital Advertising
Banner ads, native advertising, pay-per-click campaigns… they’re all derived from a great marketing plan and even greater execution. We’ll work with you to reach your audience and your goals.


From a few products to several, we can build a database to house your inventory. Secure payment transactions and a simple interface give your customers a reason to come back for more!


Event-Registration-1Event Registration
Start your event off on the right foot with our online registration process. Need online bill-pay? No worries, we’ll make sure it’s secure and easy-to-use giving your participants peace of mind.


The ability to manage mass quantities of data is necessary in the business environment of today. We can help you efficiently organize and structure documents, calendars, directories and reach out to your employees from one location. Save paper and space!

Mobile-Responsive-1Mobile/Responsive Websites
Smartphones, tablets, consoles… we know what’s out there and we know how important it is for you to reach your audience where they’re at. That’s why when it comes to developing mobile-friendly websites and responsive designs we’re right on point.

With smartphones, bigger screens and retina technologies, imagery is increasingly playing a larger role in the online experience. We believe that having an enjoyable online experience means having custom, quality images. Now isn’t that something you want to give to your customers?

Scheduling-Applications-3Scheduling Applications
Is the day-planner just not cutting it anymore? If you have a jumbled mess of days, times and names, we can help you sort it all out with an easy-to-use program.


Social-Media-2Social Media Management
Connecting with your clients takes a lot more than just opening up a profile online. Strategy, timing and technique will help you gain the followers you desire!


Strategy-Consultations-2Strategy & Consultations
Brainiacs are in full-effect at Stanton Street. Do you have an online business problem that needs to be solved? We’ll help you figure out the best approach and create a solution. Just think of us as your one-stop shop for all things online.

Time-Clock-1Time Clocks
Organizing your employees’ time is vital to your bottom line. Our web-based time clock system allows supervisors and managers to keep track of hours and time off and export data to their payroll systems.


Vendor-Contract-MgmtVendor/Contract Management
Managing contracts, legal requirements and vendors can be tedious. That’s why we have several solutions to help you keep track of it all. From vendor management to reports, we’ve got you covered.


Whew… is your head a whirly bird of information? We have this and so much more to offer. The bottom line is: If you have an online business challenge, give us a call so we can help you conquer it! You can reach us via our contact form or at (915) 351-8440.


Yardbright’s Landscape Lighting Website Illuminates the Internet

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Yardbright Landscape Lighting is a manufacturer and distributor of quality outdoor landscape lighting and garden products based in El Paso, Texas. They had an existing e-commerce website that needed to be spruced up a bit. Stanton Street had lots of ideas to improve the website, easier to navigation, updated design and lots more pictures. But, we also had a business solutions idea to help Yardbright better manage their product inventory.

A peek at Yardbright’s refreshed homepage

Yardbright’s new website gives them the ability to customize their product catalog by adding or changing categories, sub-categories and products at the speed of light. It also features lots of great products on the homepage. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, Yardbright can now upload multiple images of each item they sell. Multiple pictures are so very important in helping customers to make their final purchase choices. The system also suggests other items to a customer based on purchases made by other customers.

To further assist customers, at the beginning of the checkout process they have the option to create an account. This account will allow customers to login to view their order history, make changes, as well as place new orders.

But wait, there’s more. Stanton Street added an Inventory Management System. The system tracks exactly how much product Yardbright has on hand. It also lets the online customer know if the item they selected is “in stock,” in “limited supply” or is “out of stock” and identifies the approximate ship date.

Do you need a custom website or business solution to spotlight your products or services? Give Stanton Street a call or send us an email. We’d love to help your business shine!


Financial Management on the Go!

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For FirstLight Federal Credit Union, mobility now equals ability with the latest launch of their mobile-friendly site. Now, when customers use a smartphone to visit the FLFCU website, it identifies the device and automatically routes them to a mobile-friendly version.

FLFCU’s mobile website has several easy-to-use features designed to perfectly fit in the palm of a customer’s hand. With a few clicks, users can navigate through their account, browse through additional products and services, search for nearby branches or ATMs and much more.

Through the mobile-friendly site, users can search for branches and ATM locations using their current location or by entering their zip code. After submitting, results are listed below with proximity, contact information, hours and a phone number for each branch location. Both branches and ATM results allow a user to access the “Get Directions” button that accesses a Google map to further assist a customer in locating their destination.

The mobile-friendly site also contains information on the myriad of products and services FLFCU has to offer for personal and business purposes. Users can browse each category and subcategory as if they were visiting the full site on a desktop computer.

Customers interested in savings, business share or loan rates with FLFCU also have access to the latest rates through a few simple clicks. And, if existing customers have an urgent transaction, the “Account Log in” function gives them the convenience of logging in and managing their FLFCU account directly through their smartphone. Should a customer have questions or simply needs a mailing address, contact information is readily available in the “Contact Us” link. For those hoping to see the latest and greatest posts on Facebook, a quick click will take users directly to the FLFCU page for interaction and conversation.

Click now to explore the site on your smartphone! If you’re interested in a mobile-friendly site of your own, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (915) 351-8440.


Domain Name Fumbles Equal Online Troubles

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Domain NamesPicking a domain name is one of the most important things you will do when it comes to building your online presence. Most of the time clients come to us with domain names already purchased. So with that in mind we’ve gathered up some tips to help you avoid the missteps, possible disasters and impending doom of trying to market a difficult website address.

What’s in a Name?
Your website address (also called domain name or URL) should be user-friendly and memorable. Some companies choose to have more than one domain name, one with their name in it and the other with a keyword associated to their business. Stay away from copyrighted names, slang and unrelated words – these are bad for search engines.

Also, be sure this is a web address you want displayed on all of your business materials and repeated to prospective customers. You can also look at your competitors and how they are formatting their domain names. Remember to keep it simple and memorable – that means no more than three words in your web address.

Faux Pas Indeed…
Another important tip for picking a domain name is to pay close attention to any inappropriate interpretations. Have a few you like? Say them a few times to yourself to make sure you’re not the next one people giggle about like so… (shy people: please skip to next paragraph).

  • Experts Exchange – “www.expertsexchange.com”
  • IT Scrap – “www.itscrap.com”
  • Pen Island – “www.penisland.net”
  • Speed of Art – “www.speedofart.com”
  • Who Represents – “www.whorepresents.com”

Variety is the Spice of Life!
Once you’ve brainstormed, gathered up your top five or ten and find out if they’re available. If one is, then you will need to purchase and register it. Also if you can afford it, try to purchase other domain names affiliated with your company. This not only solidifies your company as the go-to business for your industry but keeps all the traffic going to your site.

If you fail to snatch up the variations, we guarantee that someone will. This ‘someone’ can then hold your desired domain name hostage for a nifty price with a lot of zeros. Case in point? An NFL team who fumbled when it came to purchasing one of the most important variations of their URL. A ‘someone’ bought the domain name and started bids at $275,000. The team passed on the bid, so another company swooped in to take it thus changing the (*ahem) fan base entirely.

Submit it or Quit it
Once you’ve purchased your domain name(s), the next important step is to submit it to the search engines. Think of it as notifying the post office. They don’t know you’ve moved until you tell them. Until then, all your friends and relatives are sending cash-filled birthday cards to your old place… something tells us you don’t want to miss that.

Wrappin’ it Up
So you’ve carefully selected your domain name, purchased the variations and submitted to search engines. Your work is not done yet my friend. Maintaining your domain name(s) registration is one of the most important steps of all. Be sure to set up renewal notices or pay for years in advance because if you don’t know by now, the Internet can be a very cruel mistress. Many companies have let their renewals lapse leaving their domain names vulnerable to auction houses that swoop in to purchase them. These auction houses then turn around and sell your precious domain name for way too much. Remember that NFL team? Yeah, that hurts.

Need help with all this techy-googlymook? Give us a call or use our contact form ‘cause the great tips don’t end here. Stanton Street can help you select the right domain name for your business, submit to search engines AND manage your renewals for you. See? We’re awesome like that.


Traditional Advertising vs. Digital Advertising with Stanton Street

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While both Digital and Traditional Advertising have their place in bringing awareness to your business or products, Digital Advertising offers a few unique benefits over Traditional Advertising that may help you decrease advertising costs while increasing profits.

Benefit #1: Targeting

Concentrate your effort and your ads where they are most effective! Get your ads in front of the person who is most likely to complete a desired action or purchase. With Digital Advertising you can target potential customers who are searching for exactly what you have to offer and/or key off their age, gender, interests, topics and/or location. Then re-target your ads to people who were oh so close to completing the desired action or purchase but didn’t quite finish. All of this gives you pinpoint accuracy in your advertising spend, maximizing your advertising dollar and your return on investment.

Benefit #2: Measurement

How do you know if your advertising dollars have been well spent? Was your last sale a result of someone seeing your ad online or a click from your latest newsletter? Digital Advertising is one of the most accountable forms of advertising there is. It allows you to gather data on each parts of your digital campaign to determine which is converting and which isn’t. The best part is that you don’t have to wait until your campaign has run its course to measure effectiveness. Conversion reports can be at your fingertips daily, weekly or monthly. So what can you do with all of that information? Please read on!

Benefit #3: Adjustment

Adjustment goes hand in hand with Measurement. Digital Advertising is never, ever, a set it and forget advertising medium. It allows you to run several different types of ads from several different sources. Measure which ads or sources give you the biggest bang for your buck. Then drop parts of the campaign that aren’t converting. Pause an ad that is a dog. Move your ad buy budget to ads that are making you money! All of this means lower advertising costs with more conversions and better results for your business. Digital Advertising gives you the power to make changes anytime throughout your campaign.

Don’t Waste Your Digital Campaign Dollars

All Digital Advertising campaigns managed by Stanton Street, are driven by results. We don’t just set up your ads or campaigns, click “go” and walk away. We manage, nurture and squeeze every ounce of return on investment out of your campaign through targeting, measurement and adjustment. We bob and weave with your conversions, never content to sit back and wait or “forget it” until we used up your money. With all of the valuable benefits of a digital ad campaign, you’d be a fool to miss out by treating your digital campaign like a traditional campaign!

If you want Stanton Street help your Digital Advertising campaign reap these benefits and increase return on investment, contact us today!


Special Care Went into the Making of the Palliative Care Center Website

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Texas Palliative Center provides only the highest standard of care, comfort and quality of life for patients and family members dealing with serious, advanced illnesses, which may or may not be terminal. When they asked Stanton Street to create their website, it had to meet the highest standards as well.

Warm, welcoming and compassionate to all whom enter the doors of Texas Palliative Center, we knew the website had to portray the very same look and feel while imparting valuable information about such important services.

Texas Palliative Center - Adding Life to Every Day

The website explains that palliative care, supportive care, end of life care and hospice care are terms that are frequently used interchangeably. Although hospice care and end of life care are different from the others and always a part of palliative care. The Services page goes into greater depth about the range of palliative medicine and its philosophy that is the cornerstone of this amazing facility. The website also includes a simple to use online employment application form if you are interested in joining the dedicated staff of the Texas Palliative Center.

Stanton Street wanted to make sure that management of the Texas Palliative Center’s new website was easy. This was made possible with a content management system, where website copy and online forms are simply and quickly managed.

Do you need a website custom made to express your style, needs and high standards? Stanton Street is happy to give you the same TLC we extended to Texas Palliative Care. Give us a call or send us an email. We are here for you!


Stanton Street Paints a Pretty Picture for San Antonio Museum’s New Site

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It’s been a few years in the making but The Briscoe Western Art Museum, located along the San Antonio River Walk in downtown San Antonio, is slated to open in the fall of 2013. The venture has been both a construction and conservation project as the museum is housed in the historic, 1930 San Antonio Public Library. The new website has been a fairly similar situation.

While the museum already had an online presence, the existing site at that time was a simple structure with limited features. Stanton Street kept these issues in consideration after agreeing to partner with the museum for the new version of the site. There were a variety of tasks which needed to be accomplished so the project was broken down into three different phases.

The new Briscoe Western Art Museum website allows users to learn about upcoming events, browse through photo galleries and inquire about utilizing the venue for events.

The new Briscoe Western Art Museum website allows users to learn about upcoming events, browse through photo galleries and inquire about utilizing the venue for events.

The first phase focused on developing an online presence which would both inform and engage the visitor. It would keep users up-to-date on events and the museum’s progress while simultaneously helping build a database of potential members, visitors and program users. It also includes the integration of various social media components such as Facebook and Twitter along with the ability to gather donation support. Current plans are to begin the second phase after the grand opening in the fall which will concentrate on showcasing programs, engaging visitor participation, and expanding functionality throughout the site. The third phase may consist of integrating an online shopping experience and creating a user-friendly application process for museum tours.

While only the first phase has been completed, it already includes a handful of notable features. As soon as the site loads for a user, a banner area toward the top displays rotating banners that promote the museum or feature upcoming events. Toward the bottom of the homepage, users will find recent clickable news items that reveal full articles and fields where they can sign up for the organization’s newsletter. On another page, users can view a photo gallery with various albums for museum events and venues.

One of the more interesting features is the “site within a site” element which includes a presence for the museum’s premier fundraising event, Night of Artists. It’s a simple yet informative addition which allows the user to find more information about the art sale, reception, exhibition, participating artists and other useful details.

These are just a few of the elements which can be found on The Briscoe Western Art Museum’s new website. Click here to see the entire online presence. If you’re interested in a new site for your own company, send us a message or give us a call so we can discuss all the details!