The Social Media Revolutionary: From ‘Slacktivism’ to #Activism

The Social Media Revolutionary: From ‘Slacktivism’ to #Activism

The activity once coined as “Slacktivism” has evolved. Nowadays individuals are changing policy, reversing corporate decisions and toppling governments via social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. From the Arab uprisings, Bank of America fee reversals to SOPA/PIPA bills, raw emotions swept across social media like wildfire, motivating those who normally would not be inclined to do something. Sometimes, it’s as simple as passing the message along or visiting a site to sign a petition. Other times, it’s a call to mobilize. The point is: people are realizing that they have a channel for their voice and that voice is mighty powerful.

From our perspective, it’s almost vital for most businesses, public officials, governments and high-profile individuals to be active on social media. Granted, it may not fit your business profile so that’s understandable. But when you have fans, customers or a constituency, the importance of cultivating loyalty and trust in your brand can help you in more difficult times. So, when things go awry, it’s easier to extinguish one flame than acres of devastating wildfire in unknown territory.

Social media demands transparency and the ability to manage negative comments swiftly. Today, having a strategy built around not only your social media plan, but all online communications is a must. If anything has taught a lesson on the importance of strategic planning, it’s Susan G. Komen. The organization is now recovering from what may be the worst public relations fiasco in their history.

We’re continuously learning about this evolving technology. There’s no denying that it’s a powerful tool and the effects it can have are pretty profound. The key is to be prepared… and we can help you do that.

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Naomi Dhillon
Naomi Dhillon is an Account Executive at Stanton Street, an El Paso, Texas area website development company.

Contact Naomi Dhillon at (915) 351-8440.

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